(Jimmy Dean Beam)

Above all things I love God, the Lord Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit.  I love my family and friends.  AND I LOVE MUSIC!  I’m a husband, father, son, devout Catholic, animal activist, writer, actor and of course, frontman for my beloved Smokin’ Cobras.  I started playing guitar at 6 and I’m still at it.  It is a blessing to act and make music for a living, especially with my talented Cobra brothers.  It’s also a blessing to see your smiling faces and dancing feet…much love and blessings to you all.

(Robosaurus, TRU$$)

It all started one hot summer day in 1984 when I purchased my first bass guitar at 12 years old. From then on out, I was hooked! I grew up in Temple City and was surrounded with life long musical friends that cut their teeth in the 90s music scene covering genre’s of funk, rock, jazz, fusion, heavy metal, and glam. I attribute my early years of training with such talented musical peers and a very influential music teacher, as the impetus to my passion for the bass. It has been said that I have a flair for theatrics and showbiz and its evident in my 6 foot 6 live stage persona, as I hop around the stage like a Praying Mantis. However, I finally found my perfect match, when I joined the Cobras. The Smokin’ Cobras bring the BIG SHOW for the BIG GUY!

(The Rave, Star of David)

Playing keys is a homecoming for me since my earliest musical experience was picking out tunes on my portable ’80s Yamaha keyboard. However, I got jealous of the older kids who played shiny brass instruments and asked the band teacher if I could join. He gives me a tuba, which I played until I decided to play an instrument where I would have a chance to meet girls. I took up the guitar, although I didn’t meet any girls. When my friends said they needed a bass player for Battle of the Bands, I signed on, thinking it might help me meet girls. It didn’t and we lost. But I enjoyed the bass and played many shows on it before I was invited to join the Smokin’ Cobras as a keyboard player. I still don’t meet girls, but that doesn’t bother me anymore. My wife doesn’t mind either.

(The Machine)

I was drawn to music at a young age, being influenced by the likes of Elvis Presley, Harry Belafonte, and Herb Alpert. However, I have to say the first time I heard Black Sabbath, along with Emerson Lake and Palmer I knew it was on. I took to the stage as a natural with my first gig at the age of 8 yrs old playing snare drum in Pearl Bailey’s band, The only drawback was, my parents wouldn’t allow me to go on tour, I don’t know it was something about needing to finish school. Throughout my career, I have played many genres from good old rock and roll to big band jazz, with a few stops in between. If you check the encyclopedia of Metallum you will find me as a member of the moderately famous Heavy Metal band Abattoir. All of this led me to The Smokin’ Cobras a band that fills all of my musical needs, and I know we will fill yours too.

(Steady Eddie B.)

My passion for music has led me to a lifelong career as a musician.  I studied electronics so I would better understand how music was recorded and amplified for all to hear.  I built recording studios and produced records and demos for bands in the LA area.  I learned to play multiple instruments to better understand how music is written, arranged, and recorded.  The lure of the stage was always there for me playing in many different types of bands and performing anywhere from a backyard party to a concert stage in front of thousands of people.  My technical side will find me doing “Front of House” sound mixing for theater groups, faith services, and concerts.  I take pride in providing a good show whether it is running sound, playing an instrument, or doing both.